Fiscal Year 2019

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Mayor, City of Mobile - Hon. Sandy Stimpson (MPO Chairman)
Mobile County Commissioner - Hon. Jerry Carl
Mobile County Engineer - Mr. Bryan Kegley
Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. John Williams
Councilman, City of Mobile - Hon. Fred Richardson
Mayor, City of Prichard - Hon. Jimmie Gardner
Councilman, City of Prichard – Hon. Lorenzo Martin
Mayor, City of Chickasaw - Hon. Byron Pittman
Mayor, City of Saraland - Hon. Howard Rubenstein
Mayor, City of Satsuma - Hon. Thomas Williams
Mayor, City of Creola - Hon. William Criswell
Mayor, City of Bayou La Batre – Hon. Terry Downey
Mayor, City of Semmes – Hon. David Baker
General Manager, the Wave Transit System - Mr. Damon Dash
Southwest Region Engineer, ALDOT - Mr. Matt Eriksen
Member, SARPC - Mr. Rob Middleton
Bureau Chief, Local Transportation, ALDOT (Non-voting) - Mr. Brad Lindsey
Division Administrator, FHWA (Non-voting) - Mr. Mark Bartlett
Executive Director, SARPC (Non-voting) - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes

Mobile Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization Joint Technical / Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Alabama Legislative Rep. - Hon. Margie Wilcox
Alabama State Docks - Mr. Bob Harris
ALDOT Southwest Region Planning - Mr. Edwin Perry
At Large - Mr. John Blanton
Citizen - Mr. Donald Watson
Citizen - Mr. John Murphy
Citizen - Mr. Merrill Thomas
City of Bayou La Batre – Mr. Frank Williams
City of Chickasaw - Mr. Dennis Sullivan
City of Mobile - Mr. Nick Amberger
City of Mobile - Ms. Shayla Beaco
City of Mobile - Ms. Mary Beth Bergin
City of Mobile - Mr. James DeLapp
City of Mobile - Ms. Jennifer White
City of Prichard - Mr. Essie Johnson
City of Prichard - Mr. Fernando Billups
City of Prichard - Mr. James Jacobs
City of Saraland - Mr. Logan Anderson
City of Saraland - Ms. Shilo Miller
City of Satsuma - Mr. Tom Briand
Freight - Mr. Brian Harold
At-Large - Mr. Jeff Zoghby
Mobile Airport Authority - Mr. Jason Wilson
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce - Ms. Nancy Hewston
Mobile Bay Keeper - Ms. Casi Callaway
Mobile County - Mr. Ricky Mitchell
Mobile County - Ms. Kim Sanderson
Mobile County - Mr. Richard Spraggins
Mobile County Health Dept. - Dr. Laura Cepeda
Mobile United, Executive Director - Ms. Christienne Gibson
Partners for Environmental Progress - Ms. Jennifer Denson
Private Transit Provider - Vacant
SARPC - Mr. John F. “Rickey” Rhodes (TCC/CAC Chairperson)
The Wave Transit System - Mr. Gerald Alfred






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